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  »  Interesting  »     How to sew a pillowcase on a pillow - step-by-step instructions !

How to sew a pillowcase on a pillow - step-by-step instructions !

How to sew a pillowcase on a pillow - step-by-step instructions !

A pillowcase is one of the elements of bed linen that protects the pillow from external influences, while maintaining its integrity and aesthetics. One from the other, a pillowcase, may differ in size, shape and sewing methods.

If you are wondering "How to sew a pillowcase to a pillow quickly and easily ?" and if you want to get an answer to it in an easily perceived and detailed form, then we will try to help you with this. Let's try on our fingers, step by step, how to explain to a schoolboy - how to sew a pillowcase on a sewing machine, even without an overlock.

Immediately note that we will sew a pillowcase with a smell from a single piece of fabric.

From the means of labor, we will need:

  • centimeter tape
  • scissors
  • needles (pins)
  • thread-filled sewing machine

Go to the instructions.

Step 1 - Determine the size of the pillowcase, which will directly depend on the size of your pillow.

The entire algorithm for sewing pillowcases will be built on the example of a standard pillow 47 cm by 66 cm. For this pillow, you need a pillowcase 50 cm wide and 70 cm long. On average, the deviation of the size of the pillow from the size required for its pillowcase is 2 cm (under the rise of the pillow) + under the shrinkage of the fabric, both in width and length. To determine the exact size of the pillowcase, depending on the size of the pillow, you can here.

Step 2 - Cut out the necessary piece of fabric to fit our pillowcase size.

If the size of our pillowcase is 50 cm by 70 cm, then the cutting of the fabric should be like this.
 sewing the cap-cutting-step 1
 sewing a pillowcase - cutting dimensions-step 1As a result, the size of the fabric cut for sewing a pillowcase with a size of 50 cm by 70 cm will be 53 cm by 170 cm.

Step 3 - Make bends in 2 additions from the ends to the width of our fabric and stitch them on a sewing machine.

sewing pillowcases with your own hands
sewing pillowcases with your own hands
sewing pillowcases with your own hands
sewing pillowcases with your own hands
sewing pillowcases with your own hands
sewing pillowcases-stitches
 sewing pillowcases - processing of end scars

Step 4 - Bend the resulting blank in the places indicated in the picture

 sewing pillowcases-layout of kinks

These bends will determine the shape of the future pillowcase with a valve (smell) size of 25 cm, which is the most optimal size as a pocket for our pillow.

Step 5 - Fold it into a rectangular shape, as shown in the picture

 sewing pillowcases - kinks - sketch
 sewing pillowcases-bends

That is, the point is, from one end doing the bend 25 cm (the size of the valve), and the other end to the place already formed by inflection (the end opposite edge) folded around the rest of the fabric (70 cm).

For convenience, the scheme of cutting pillowcases for any pillow size can be calculated using our calculator .

 sewing pillowcases with your own hands

Thus, we got a blank for sewing a pillowcase in a folded form, where on one side 25 cm went inside under the smell, and on the outside (we throw it from above) 70 cm.

This moment is key in the preparation of our template (pattern) for sewing a pillowcase with a smell.

Based on this approach, we can conclude that such a template can be made not necessarily from a single piece of fabric, but from scraps, waste, its individual elements, which can significantly reduce the cost of our pillowcase and also give it a certain creativity.

Next, we turn to sewing cases.

Step 6 - fix this position with needles (pins) in the specified places, to maintain the stability of the resulting shape and the inner fold (valve)

sewing pillowcases - fixing needles
sewing pillowcases - fixing
sewing pillowcases step by step
sewing pillowcases step by step

Step 7 - Make a seam from each edge along the length as shown in the picture and cut off the protruding threads

 sewing pillowcases-side seam stitching
 sewing a pillowcase with a smell-steps

Step 8 - Remove the needles (pins)

 sewing pillowcases-easy way
 sewing pillowcases-manufacturing steps

Step 9 - Turn our product inside out so that the valve is on the outside

sewing pillow cases - step gut-wrenching
sewing pillowcases fast - master-class
sewing pillowcases - smoothing
sewing pillowcases - wrong side

Step 10 - Again fix the valve in the specified places for the stability of the shape

 sewing pillowcases-fixing the blank with pins

Step 11 - Again make a seam from each edge along the length, as shown in the picture

 sewing the pillowcase-re-stitching

Step 12 - Remove the needles (pins)

 sewing pillowcases-remove pins

Step 13 - Turn out our product on the front side

 sewing pillowcases - the final stage
 sewing pillowcases-finished product

Here is a pillowcase with a smell and ready.

According to this algorithm, you can sew a pillowcase of any size and from any fabric.
If you are smart, it is not difficult to guess how this method can be used to sew a pillowcase from individual pieces of fabric, without having a single piece of cloth at hand.

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